Control of manufacturing processes, in terms of meeting client’s requirements, guarantees  high quality of products which are the subject of many tests performed during each manufacturing stage. Such tests can be (according to client’s request):

  • tensile strength, bending, compression tests
  • hardness test
  • elasticity module test
  • casting shrinkage test
  • microstructure test
  • residual stress test
  • chemical composition test
  • magnetic-powder test
  • ultrasound test
  • RTG test

All above mentioned tests can be performed in-house, in CHOFUM’s laboratories, and by specialized external institutions, which are in constant cooperation with our Quality Control Department.

Our internal laboratory is continuously performing moulding mass, metallurgic process and cast iron quality tests, like chemical composition (using spectrometer), HB hardness, Rm, Ro2, A5 and metallurgic structure tests.