Quality management system 

Quality policy at CHOFUM

Our highest-priority aim in Quality Management System is meeting requirements and needs of our customers in terms of product’s quality. These quality goals are meeting company strategic and operational goals.

Customer satisfaction is our base for measuring the quality of our products, which we achieve in appropriate conditions that allow to supervise, lead and control each process. Taking action that should lead to improving quality is an priority for us and we are all involved in it. Meeting expected quality results is ensured by implemented ISO 9001 management system which we are continuously improving.

Constant improving most important processes in the company.

As a result of constant implementation of particular processes within quality management system in CHOFUM such as quality councils, internal audits and correcting actions for improving the quality of CHOFUM's products, for many years we are recording an decreasing level of wasted castings as well as lower level of complaints cost.

We are also performing many repeatable trainings for managing staff and for internal auditors in aim to improve qualifications and skills of workers in terms of quality management and knowledge about modern methods and tools of enterprise management. There are also scheduled and performed annual trainings for production workers, with higher input on the need of improving manufacturing system.

Gradual implementation of long term investment plans is supposed to ensure an constant growth of company effectiveness, increase capacity and reduce negative effect on environment. The company is constantly reaching that goal by reducing emission of liquids, level of noise, which finally should conform environmental standards included in integrated permission.