About the Company 

            Fabryka Urządzeń Mechanicznych CHOFUM w Chocianowie SA is a joint-stock company, and 100% of shares are owned by GWARANT Grupa Kapitałowa S.A. with its headquarters in Katowice.

            The company manufactures great variety of castings from grey and ductile cast iron. These castings are characterized by high and repetitive mechanical, material and functional  properties. Castings manufactured at CHOFUM can be offered readymade (final machined), rough machined or raw. Products can be also primed and painted on site. The company is specialized in manufacturing short- and medium-length serial production.

            CHOFUM S.A. is well-known and internationally recognized manufacturer for cylinders and rolls used in paper and food industry. Cylinders are manufactured according to German AD-2000 (Merkblatt) rules, Polish WUDC/UC/2003 rules or according to American ASME Section VIII Division 1 standards. Above mentioned cylinders and rolls - as pressure vessels - are marked with CE safety sign and meet requirements of European PED 97/23/EC directive and American ASME regulations. During manufacturing process, CHOFUM cooperates with many certified notified bodies like: TÜV Süd, UDT, Hartford Steam Boilers or Lloyd's Register.

            CHOFUM is also specialized in machine parts castings manufacturing, especially in technologically difficult castings, like e.g. beds, stand housings, headstocks, support slides, bearing boxes, etc. We also manufacture keels for yachts, many types of counterweights, butterfly and gate valves for oil transport, ingots etc.

            For most of castings we use wooden pattern sets, but sometimes we also use styrophon patterns. For serial production, these patterns are additionally strengthened.

Our strengths are:

  • wide range of offered castings;
  • high quality of products, confirmed by notified bodies;
  • possibility of manufacturing own pattern sets and necessary equipment;
  • own specialized laboratories and common cooperation with outside parties in scope of specialized quality measurements and tests;
  • experienced and well-qualified labour and common care of improving their skills;
  • realization of investments leading to increasing capacity and improving machine park of the company and also to reduce negative influence on the environment;

CHOFUM's manufacturing capacity is around 17 000 tons per annum.