Grinding cones (cylpebs) 

Grinding cones (cylpebs) are standard castings with circular shape and are used as an grinding material in technological process of metal ores processing, e.g. copper ore, zinc ore, lead ore, etc. in ore processing facilities and in cement mills.

Cylpebs are additionally hardened and are manufactured with use of pulling technology in chills.

CHOFUM currently manufactures such castings for the use of KGHM „Polska Miedź” S.A. in Lubin. Production manufactured in 2003 and following parameters have been taken:

  • diameter: 27 +,- 1,4
  • height: 27 +4, - 8
  • minimum hardness: 42 HRC

Grinding cones that are currently manufactured in our company, are characterized with following technical parameters:

  • diameter: 35 +,- 1,4,
  • height: 35 +5, - 10,
  • minimum hardness: 42 HRC.


 Mielnik poziomo
        Griding cone in
        upright position
 Mielnik pionowo
        Grinding cone in
       horizontal position