Machine parts castings 

Machine parts castings, which are manufactured at CHOFUM are keels for yachts and castings, which are used mainly in processing machines industry; also many types of counterweights, but also ingots for foundries. Castings are made in semo-hardening furan mass and of high quality cast iron, which characterizes with strong metal surface and repeatable properties and allowed strength level.

Castings made of gray cast iron are in accordance with

  • Polish standard PN-EN 1561:
    grades from EN-GJL-100 up to EN-GJL-350
  • American standard ASTM-A48:
    class 20B, class 25B, class 35B, class 45B, class 55B

Castings made of ductile cast iron are in accordance with PN-EN 1563 standard in grades:

EN – GJS – 400 – 15

EN – GJS – 450 – 10

EN – GJS – 500 – 7

EN – GJS – 600 – 3

EN – GJS – 700 – 2

Weight of single casting manufactured in the foundry is usually between 30 and 15 000 KG.