Cylinders and rolls 

The company is specialized in manufacturing drying cylinders, reel drums and press rolls for paper machines. Cylinders and rolls are being made at CHOFUM for 60 years. The company has manufactured almost 8000 pieces of cylinders up to date, mainly for paper and food industry in Poland and abroad. In recent years, share of export in the company was at level of over 90% of total sales (mainly to USA, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Brazil)

We Offer cylinder within following scope:

  • diameter: from o 450 to 2500 mm
  • length: up to 8500 mm
  • weight: up to 16000 kg / piece

  The company is also offering its own designs and solutions for manufacturing cylinders and rolls.

Cylindry na hali
    Cylinder at the plant
    Hala obrobki i montażu cylindrów
Machining and assembly hall
 Walec szlifowany na gotowo
 Obróbka zgrubna cylindra
        Rough machining
 Walce przygotowane do transportu
Cylinder ready for transport